"I have come to believe dumplings are unknowable."

"[This site] brings light into the darkness, order to chaos, and has generally eased my soul. 
Thank you for your amazing contributions to humanity."


We've all done it: stayed up late, night after night, fretting over what "counts" as a dumpling. 

Are shumai dumplings?

Are gnocchi dumplings?

Are cake pops dumplings?

Worry no more, for all your answers lie within! This scientifically accurate* test will give you peace of mind with an interactive 9-question, 20-point scale.  Whether you're headed to a dumpling party, besieged by a devil's-advocate "friend" who's trying to catch you out, or just want an external force to relieve you of the burden of categorical analysis, we are here for you.

Featuring a foreword by award-winning writer Jessica Best.

*Test is in NO WAY scientific. We take no responsibility for science. Do not come at us with your science facts and science finds! Such things will crumble upon the bulwark of our convictions.

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