Amidst the brightest clouds on Venus, you have been invoked.
(An IF about the ecological impact of space dragon-whales)

Created for the 2019 #subQjam, on the theme of "Environment." 

Content notes: 

  • I don't think this counts as gore; it's not intended to gross anyone out or push any boundaries, and I tried not to dwell too much on any of the squishier internal anatomies...but it is still fundamentally a story about what happens after megafauna die, including postmortem damage and decay. Words like "medullary cavity" are used. 
  • Speaking of which, yes, this is sort of an animal death story. Or rather, an animal post-death story. It's very abstract and no animals have individual personalities to get attached to, but it is about the remains of a fictional animal, and it is possible for you to indirectly cause other fictional animal deaths in the story (though you're unlikely to do so by accident).
  • A semi-abstract vector illustration of a made-up animal skeleton (with very questionable anatomical coherence) is visible through most of the game.

I'm happy to address any specific questions you might want answered before trying it out.

Eternal thanks to Lee Siapang for beta services and for being the person I send Creative Anxiety Emails to. ❤

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